Frequently Asked Questions


Purchase Questions

Can I buy the game somewhere other than Steam?


- You can also pick up the game from the Humble Store.


Will I get free updates?


- All fixes and updates will be free. There may be new hero or level DLC packs in the future for a cost however.


I Found a Problem


I have a technical problem running or installing the game.

- Check out the steam forums or contact Please check the forums first! We're a small team and try our best to answer emails, but most likely someone on the forums had your issue addressed too.

I found a bug; how do I report it?

-Please use the Steam forums or email us at!

Be sure to provide the following information: your Operating System (Windows 10, Mac, etc), the game build number (1.0.0), the error log (if applicable) and a depiction of what happened.

I Lost my Save!

My data is corrupt!

Sometimes this is just a loading error. Return to main menu or close and reopen the game. This usually is all it takes to solve the problem. Backup saves are made every time the player loads a regular save without issue. Unless you're tampering with the files, you shouldn't have a problem.


In the event you do lose everything, email us. We can send you a file close to where your progress was. Contact us at




Does Sentry Knight Tactics have a wiki or a forum?

- We do! Check the wiki or visit the Steam forums.

I've got some ideas and/or feedback about the game.

- Post it in the forums.


Will Sentry Knight Tactics Be Released For...




- Possibly. Our current focus is on primarily desktop but porting to mobile devices is in the cards.


Xbox One/Playstation 4/Wii U?


- No. The game was designed with mouse controls in mind and in a language not compatible with modern consoles.


Other languages?


If there is strong public interest in non-English audiences, we may consider it. (Note: If you want to help us translate, send an email our way!)